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  • mkdir build
  • cd build
  • cmake .. -G Xcode
  • open the generated xcode project and build it


  • mkdir build
  • cd build
  • cmake ..
  • make


  • md build
  • cd build
  • cmake .. -G "Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64"
  • open the generated visual studio solution and build it


This TMC13 codec implementation encodes frame sequences. A single binary contains the encoder and decoder implementation, with selection using the --mode option. Documentation of options is provided via the --help command line option.

Runtime configuration and configuration files

All command line parameters may be specified in a configuration file. A set of configuration file templates compliant with the current Common Test Conditions is provided in the cfg/ directory.


To generate the configuration files, run the script:

mpeg-pcc-tmc13/cfg$ ../scripts/ --all

An example script (scripts/Makefile.tmc13-step) demonstrates how to launch the encoder, decoder and metric software for a single input frame. The VERBOSE=1 make variable shows the detailed command execution sequence. Further documentation of the parameters are contained within the script.

The following example encodes and decodes frame 0100 of the sequence Ford_01_q_1mm, making use of the configuration file cfg/lossy-geom-no-attrs/ford_01_q1mm/r01/encoder.cfg and storing the intermediate results in the output directory experiment/lossy-geom-no-attrs/ford_01_q1mm/r01/.

mpeg-pcc-tmc13$ make -f $PWD/scripts/Makefile.tmc13-step \
    -C experiment/lossy-geom-no-attrs/ford_01_q1mm/r01/ \
    VPATH=$PWD/cfg/octree-predlift/lossy-geom-no-attrs/ford_01_q1mm/r01/ \
    ENCODER=$PWD/build/tmc3/tmc3 \
    DECODER=$PWD/build/tmc3/tmc3 \
    PCERROR=/path/to/pc_error \
    SRCSEQ=/path/to/Ford_01_q_1mm/Ford_01_vox1mm-0100.ply \

  [encode]  Ford_01_vox1mm-0100.ply.bin <- /path/to/Ford_01_q_1mm/Ford_01_vox1mm-0100.ply
  [md5sum]  Ford_01_vox1mm-0100.ply.bin.md5
  [md5sum]  Ford_01_vox1mm-0100.ply.bin.ply.md5
  [decode]  Ford_01_vox1mm-0100.ply.bin.decoded.ply <- Ford_01_vox1mm-0100.ply.bin
  [md5sum]  Ford_01_vox1mm-0100.ply.bin.decoded.ply.md5
  [metric]  Ford_01_vox1mm-0100.ply.bin.decoded.ply.pc_error <- Ford_01_vox1mm-0100.ply.bin.decoded.ply

Intra and inter prediction

The yaml files stored directly under the cfg/ folder correspond to intra prediction, and yaml files stored under cfg/inter/ folder correspond to inter prediction. The script is updated such that intra/inter prediction may be specified as an additional option to produce the configuration files corresponding to intra/inter prediction; alternately, the "--all" option may be used to generate the configuration for intra and inter prediction for all tool configurations.

After running the script, the configuration files for intra and inter prediction are generated in separate folders. The configuration files corresponding to inter prediction are generated in folders with "-inter" suffix. For example, configuration files corresponding to octree and predicting/lifting transform using intra prediction are generated in the folder octree-predlift/ (as was the case in some earlier versions of the test model), and configuration files corresponding to octree and predicting/lifting transform using inter prediction are generated in the folder octree-predlift-inter/.


Geometry based point cloud compression (G-PCC) test model







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