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Libraries and projects

Here are listed all libraries for STM32F4 devices. Libraries are designed to work with STM32F4xx series of MCU. Every project here is created with Keil uVision, but tested with GCC compiler too (Coocox). Each project includes 4 targets:

  1. STM32F429-Discovery board (STM32F429ZI, 180MHz)
  2. STM32F4-Discovery board (STM32F407VG, 168MHz)
  3. STM32F401-Discovery (STM32F401, 84MHz)
  4. STM32F411C-Discovery (STM32F411, 100MHz)
  5. Nucleo F411-RE (STM32F411RE, 100MHz)
  6. Nucleo F401-RE (STM32F401RE, 84MHz)
  7. STM32F446xx (180MHz)
  8. STM32439-Eval (STM32F439NI, 180MHz)

When you download repository and open project, you have to set correct your target, for device you use. If you use other device in your project, then set your project and copy settings there from target options.

More information below

First time with Discovery board?

Current librarires:

  • All libraries listed at one place for easy editing them from one place and use them for all projects
  1. Two default projects are included
  2. LED_BUTTON - Project example for STM32F4/29 Discovery
  3. DELAY - Delay library for STM32F4/29
  4. USART - USART library for STM32F4/29
  5. SPI - SPI library for STM32F4/29
  6. ADC - ADC library for STM32F4/29
  7. DAC - DAC library for STM32F4/29
  8. ILI9341 LCD - STM32F429 Discovery ILI9341 LCD library
  9. I2C - I2C library for STM32F4/29
  10. STMPE811 touch driver for STM32F4/29 Discovery board
  11. ILI9341 Button - Button library for ILI9341 LCD and STMPE811 Touch driver on STM32F429
  12. ONEWIRE - OneWire library for STM32F4/29
  13. DS18B20 - DS18B20 OneWire temperature sensor library for STM32F4/29
  14. SDRAM - ISSI 8MByte SDRAM on STM32F429 Discovery board
  15. DS1307 - DS1307 RTC modeule for STM32F429 Discovery
  16. HD44780 - HD44780 Alpha numeric LCD driver for STM32F429 discovery
  17. NRF24L01+ - NRF24L01+ 2.4 GHz transceiver library
  18. ILI8341 LTDC - ILI9341 LCD with LTDC hardware only for STM32F429
  19. Internal RTC - Library for internal RTC on STM32F4xx devices
  20. Independent watchdog - Library for watchdog on STM32F4xx devices
  21. FATFS - Read SDcard with STM32F4xx using SDIO or SPI communication
  22. RNG - Use of True random number generator peripheral on STM32F4xx devices
  23. MFRC522 - Read RFID Cards with STM32F4xx devices
  24. USB VCP - Use STM32F4xx as USB VCP device (Virtual COM Port)
  25. AM2301 - AM2301 (DHT21) temperature and humidity sensor
  26. ROTARY ENCODER - Connect Rotary Encoder to STM32F4xx device
  27. GPS - Read GPS data on STM32F4xx devices
  28. L3GD20 - Measure rotation of all 3 axis with L3GD20 gyro sensor
  29. USB MSC HOST - Read USB flash drive with STM32F4xx
  30. HC-SR04 - Measure distance with ultrasonic sensor on STM32F4xx
  31. USB HID HOST - Read USB mouse and keyboard on STM32F4xx
  32. 4x4 KEYPAD - Read matrix keypad up to 4x4 with STM32F4xx
  33. PWM - Use PWM on all possible timers for STM32F4xx device
  34. USB HID Device - Turn STM32F4 into USB HID Device
  35. LIS302DL/LIS3DSH - Accelerometers on STM32F4-Discovery board. Also can be used with any STM32F4 device
  36. DAC SIGNAL - Output predefined signals with STM32F4 using DAC, DMA and TIM
  37. BMP180 - Read atmosferic pressure on STM32F4 device
  38. EXTI - Use external interrupts with STM32F4
  39. LOW POWER - Power consumption modes for STM32F4
  40. MCO OUTPUT - Output different clocks from STM32F4
  41. STDIO - Use printf and fprintf/vfprintf on STM32F4
  42. SERVO - Control RC servo with STM32F4
  43. MPU-6050 - Read accelerometer and gyroscope data with STM32F4
  44. Identification - Read identification bytes and 96-bits long UNIQUE ID from STM32F4
  45. BKPSRAM - Interface backup SRAM on STM32F4
  46. SWO DEBUG - Debug STM32F4 using SWO output
  47. CRC - STM32F4 CRC Hardware module
  48. PWM IN - Measure input PWM signal on STM32F4
  49. OTP - One-time programmable memory on STM32F4
  50. STemWin - STemWin implementation for STM32F429-Discovery
  51. DMA2D GRAPHIC- Chrom-ART Accelerator on STM32F429-Discovery board
  52. ETHERNET - Connect ethernet to STM32F4xx
  53. GPIO - GPIO pins on STM32F4
  54. GENERAL - General library for STM32F4
  55. USART DMA - Extend USART with DMA TX functionality
  56. SPI DMA - Extend SPI with DMA functionality
  57. BUTTON - Use buttons with STM32F4xx
  58. STRING - Dynamic string allocation for STM32F4xx
  59. RCC - Dynamic PLL settings for STM32F4xx
  60. CPU LOAD - CPU load monitoring for STM32F4xx
  61. SSD1306 - Use OLED LCD with STM32F4
  62. FFT - FFT Library for STM32F4xx devices
  63. DMA - DMA library for STM32F4xx

General library

  1. PCD8544 LCD (Nokia 5110/3310) - Library for LCD


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