DueUtil the questing and fun Discord bot
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The questing and fun discord bot!

Running the bot

(more detailed setup / install script later -- maybe)


Setup the DB
  1. Create an account that can create & update databases (admin will do)
  2. Put the account details in dbconfig.json
    "user": "dueutil",
    "pwd": "hunter1"

(the host will probably be localhost)

Configure DueUtil

Create a file dueutil.json in the same folder as run.py (the root).

   "botToken":"[DISCORD BOT TOKEN]",
   "owner":"[OWNER DISCORD ID]",
      "Clone DueUtil: shard 1"
   "logChannel": "[SERVER ID]/[CHANNEL ID]",
   "errorChannel": "[SERVER ID]/[CHANNEL ID]",
   "feedbackChannel": "[SERVER ID]/[CHANNEL ID]",
   "bugChannel": "[SERVER ID]/[CHANNEL ID]",
   "announcementsChannel":"[SERVER ID]/[CHANNEL ID]",
   "carbonKey":"[https://www.carbonitex.net key you won't have]",
   "discordBotsOrgKey":"https://discordbots.org/ key you also won't have",
   "discordBotsKey": "https://bots.discord.pw/ key you also also won't have",
   "discoinKey":"http://discoin.sidetrip.xyz/ you will never get",
   "sentryAuth": "[SENTRY AUTH]"

The logging channels are currenly needed (the bot may not work properly without them), the bot probably can run without the other keys.

Restoring the database
  1. Download the database dump from the last release
  2. Extract that zip into folder called database
    `-- dueutil
        |-- award_stats.bson
        |-- award_stats.metadata.json
        |-- _CacheStats.bson
    Your file tree should look like this
  3. Use mongorestore mongorestore --username your_use --password "your_pass" --authenticationDatabase admin ./database
Run DueUtil!

DueUtil can be ran with: python3 run.py

Can't run the bot?!

I expect it will be fiddly to get this bot running, but please don't ask me to set it up for you I'm not going to help.


If you want to fix up this repo simply create a pull request (with a detailed commit message of your changes). If your making changes based on a trello card please link to it.