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class MSpecScript
# TODO: This doesn't work correctly yet.
# load File.expand_path('../frozen/ruby.1.9.mspec', __FILE__)
FROZEN_PREFIX = 'spec/frozen'
load File.join(FROZEN_PREFIX, 'ruby.1.9.mspec')
# Core library specs
set :core, [
# obsolete in 1.9
# Currently not working on MacRuby
# Library specs
set :library, [
# Currently not working on MacRuby
'^library/net/http', # due to '/fixtures/http_server' loaded in net/http/http/active_spec.rb (webrick)
'^library/net/ftp', # exists the specs when running using rake spec:library and reaching net/ftp/chdir_spec.rb
'^library/prime', # hangs probably because of timeout
'^library/set', # sortedset is segfaulting
# disabled the zlib specs for now because of a random GC crash
# that seems to occur in gzipfile/closed_spec.rb
# Prepend the paths with the proper prefix
[:language, :core, :library].each do |pseudo_dir|
set(pseudo_dir, get(pseudo_dir).map do |path|
if path[0,1] == '^'
"^#{File.join(FROZEN_PREFIX, path[1..-1])}"
File.join(FROZEN_PREFIX, path)
set :macruby, ['spec/macruby']
set :rubyspec, get(:language) + get(:core) + get(:library)
set :full, get(:macruby) + get(:rubyspec)
# Optional library specs
set :ffi, File.join(FROZEN_PREFIX, 'optional/ffi')
# A list of _all_ optional library specs
set :optional, [get(:ffi)]
# All setup needed to run the specs from the macruby source root.
# Make the macruby binary look for the framework in the source root
source_root = File.expand_path('../../', __FILE__)
ENV['DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH'] = source_root
# Setup the proper load paths for lib and extensions
load_paths = %w{ -I. -I./lib -I./ext }
load_paths.concat Dir.glob('./ext/**/*.bundle').map { |filename| "-I#{File.dirname(filename)}" }.uniq
load_paths.concat(get(:flags)) if get(:flags)
set :flags, load_paths
# The default implementation to run the specs.
set :target, File.join(source_root, 'macruby')
set :tags_patterns, [
[%r(language/), 'tags/macruby/language/'],
[%r(core/), 'tags/macruby/core/'],
[%r(library/), 'tags/macruby/library/'],
[/_spec.rb$/, '_tags.txt']
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