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A fork of Good Old Downloads' "GOG Games" hosted on Tor.
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GOG Games

A continuitation of Good Old Downloads' GOG Games project. The goal is to create a copy of the original site by keeping games updated, voting, automated uploading, etc.

Accessing the site


  1. Install Tor Browser
  2. Once installed, visit goggamespc7v6z5e.onion in Tor Browser


  1. Go to:

Want to run your own copy?

Check out GOG Games: Docker Edition if you would like to run your own copy!

Authors & Credits

  • MachineGunnur
  • Lindre - thanks for help friend with english :)
  • GOD Team - thanks for giving us site source code on github


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. See LICENSE for details or this TL;DR.

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