Sublime Text plugin for listing and inserting stylesheet preprocessor variables (LESS, SASS, Stylus)
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List stylesheet variables

Simple Sublime 2/3 plugin for listing stylesheet preprocessor variables used in a file.

Supported preprocessors:

The default hotkey is Ctrl+Alt+L (or Ctrl+Shift +L on Linux to avoid conflicts with the lock screen hotkey).

It displays a list of variables used in your current file allowing you to insert a selected one directly into your code. It also supports @imported files so you can use variables defined in external files. This can be disabled in settings.

Note that the plugin automatically ignores anything which looks like a vendor prefixed statement (e.g. @-webkit-keyframes) and reserved words (e.g. @media, @import etc.)


Please note that the plugin currently does not understand variable scope and therefore will display all the occurances of a variable.


The plugin can be installed using the popular Sublime Package Control plugin.

Alternatively you can execute the following command in your Sublime Packages folder: git clone git:// List\ Stylesheet\ Variables


The settings file has currently two options:

  • readImported (default: true) - decides whether the plugin should attempt to read imported files
  • readAllViews (default: false) - decides whether the plugin should attempt to read all opened files

Currently if the plugin checks all opened files, it will only check for imported files in the currently selected file.


Copyright © 2013 Maciej Baron

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.