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A workout App that helps you track your fitness goals! Full Stack Application using a Vue.js frontend, Express.js, and PostgreSQL backend.
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See docs repo for full documentation


A couple quick notes:

  • I got the timer code from here: IT was the final hour, and I wanted to at least have the feature. I did want to use the animation/transition stuff we learned to make it though.
  • The workout page component (single workout view) doesn't work except with seeded logs. If you add a new workout, it will show a blank page. If you add a new exercise to a workout, it won't show up (but the rest of the seeded workout will). If you even reload the page on the workout page, it shows a blank page. This has to do with how we're reloading the data, and I just didn't have the time to debug this. I also completed the component at the final hour (Thursday night). There seemed to be no harm in leaving it in for our demo, so I felt like it was ok. We could've talked about this issue during the tech talk, but its level of brokenness probably wouldn't have been as charming.
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