Example source code for the book "Web Scraping for Data Science with Python"
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Practical Web Scraping for Data Science

This repository contains the source code for the fourteen examples included in the book Practical Web Scraping for Data Science: Best Practices and Examples with Python by Seppe vanden Broucke and Bart Baesens.

See http://www.webscrapingfordatascience.com/ for more information, or buy the book on Amazon.

The following examples are included and explained in the book and available here under python-examples:

  1. Scraping Hacker News, see hacker-news folder
  2. Using the Hacker News API, see hacker-news folder
  3. Quotes to Scrape, see quotes-to-scrape folder
  4. Books to Scrape, see books-to-scrape folder
  5. Scraping GitHub Stars, see github folder
  6. Scraping Mortgage Rates, see mortgage-rates folder
  7. Scraping and Visualizing IMDB Ratings, see imdb folder
  8. Scraping IATA Airline Information, see iata folder
  9. Scraping and Analyzing Web Forum Interactions, see web-forum folder
  10. Collecting and Clustering a Fashion Data Set, see fashion-clustering folder
  11. Sentiment Analysis of Scraped Amazon Reviews, see product-reviews folder
  12. Scraping and Analyzing News Articles, see news-articles folder
  13. Scraping and Analyzing a Wikipedia Graph, see wikipedia-graph folder
  14. Scraping and Visualizing a Board Members Graph, see board-members folder
  15. Breaking CAPTCHA’s Using Deep Learning, see captcha-cracking folder