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MagePal designs and delivers high quality Magento 2 extensions! 1,000,580+ downloads.

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  1. Configure Magento 2 to send email using Google App, Gmail, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Microsoft Office365 and many other SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) servers

    PHP 272 130

  2. Google Tag Manager is a user-friendly, yet powerful and cost-effective solution that is a must-have integration for every Magento store. It simplifies the process of adding and managing third-party…

    PHP 200 66

  3. Reindex your Magento2 store quickly and easily from backend/admin, instead of command line.

    PHP 92 31

  4. Create your own Custom Shipping rates for admin order or a predefined sets of shipping methods for frontend customers.

    PHP 73 22

  5. Improve the load time of your Magento 2 categories pages by loading your images on demand with our Lazy Load Extension

    PHP 52 22

  6. Quickly and easily preview and test your Magento 2 order confirmation page, without hacks or spending time placing new order each time

    PHP 54 17


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