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PatientManagement BOT

This bot has been created using Microsoft Bot Framework,

  • Use LUIS to implement core AI capabilities


Facebook Messenger


Prerequisite to run this bot locally

  • Update the appsettings.json file in the root of the bot project with the botFilePath and botFileSecret
  • You can find the botFilePath and botFileSecret in the Azure App Service application settings.

Your appsettings.json file should look like this

    "botFilePath": "<copy value from App settings>",
    "botFileSecret": "<copy value from App settings>"

Run in Visual Studio

  • Open the .sln file with Visual Studio.
  • Press F5.

Run in Visual Studio Code

  • Open the bot project folder with Visual Studio Code.
  • Bring up a terminal.
  • Type 'dotnet run'.

Testing the bot using Bot Framework Emulator

Microsoft Bot Framework Emulator is a desktop application that allows bot developers to test and debug their bots on localhost or running remotely through a tunnel.

  • Install the Bot Framework Emulator from here.

Connect to bot using Bot Framework Emulator

  • Launch the Bot Framework Emulator
  • File -> Open bot and navigate to the bot project folder
  • Select file

Deploy this bot to Azure

Publish from Visual Studio

  • Open the .PublishSettings file you find in the PostDeployScripts folder
  • Copy the userPWD value
  • Right click on the Project and click on "Publish..."
  • Paste the password you just copied and publish

Publish using the CLI tools

You can use the MSBot Bot Builder CLI tool to clone and configure any services this sample depends on. To install all Bot Builder tools -

npm i -g msbot chatdown ludown qnamaker luis-apis botdispatch luisgen

To clone this bot, run

msbot clone services -f deploymentScripts/msbotClone -n <BOT-NAME> -l <Azure-location> --subscriptionId <Azure-subscription-id>

Further reading