MK4duo Firmware Printers 3D for Arduino and Arduino due
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MK4duo 3D Printer Firmware for all Atmel AVR boards and Arduino Due

Version 4.3.1x dev

Special thanks

New features are:

  • One version for all Atmel AVR boards and for Arduino Due or other boards based on Atmel SAM3X8E
  • Stepping-algorithm optmized now for DRV8825 and A4988 (no need for double or quadstepping; no delays)
  • High speed stepping of approx. 295.000 steps/s, if needed (maybe more with less DOUBLE_STEP_FREQUENCY?)

MK4duo 3D Printer Firmware

Configurator Tool Online

Quick Information

This version of Marlin was made to accommodate some requests made by the community RepRap Italy

The new features are:

  • A single Firmware for all types of printers; Cartesian, Delta, MORGAN SCARA, MAKERARM SCARA, CoreXY, CoreXZ & CoreYZ and their reverse.
  • The possibility of having only one hotend independently from the extruders that you have.
  • The addition of the 6th extruder.
  • Management Color Mixing Extruder
  • System Management MKr4 for 4 extruders width just two drivers and 8 relay.
  • System Management MKr6 for 6 extruders width just two drivers and 8 relay.
  • Management Multyextruder NPr2, 4/6 extruders with only two engines.
  • Management Dual Extruder DONDOLO.
  • Adding commands to facilitate purging of hotend.
  • Step per unit varied for each extruder as well as the feedrate and the acceleration.
  • Added Autocalibration for DELTA
  • Added Autocalibration 7 points for DELTA (Similar RepRapFirmware)
  • Adding Debug Dryrun used by repetier.
  • Added total Power on time writed in SD CARD.
  • Added total Power consumption writed in SD CARD.
  • Added total filament printed writed in SD CARD.
  • Added anti extruder idle oozing system.
  • Added Hysteresis and Z-Wobble correction (only cartesian printers).
  • Added support reader TAG width MFRC522
  • Added support NEXTION lcd touch
  • Added Cooler and Hot Chamber
  • Added Laser beam and raster base64
  • Addes Mesh Bed Level (MBL)
  • Added Stop and Save for Restart (SSR)
  • Added Nozzle Clean Features
  • Added Nozzle Park Features
  • Added RGB LED
  • Added Case Light
  • Added ABL or MBL leveling fade height
  • Added save in EEPROM ABL or MBL
  • Added Door switch


The current MarlinKimbra dev team consists of:

More features have been added by:


MK4duo is published under the GPL license because I believe in open development. Do not use this code in products (3D printers, CNC etc) that are closed source or are crippled by a patent.