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A project to convert the world to liquid democracy
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.bundle add bundle config
.capistrano add capistrano metrics flag
app add 1023 and c3 confirmation letter to faq
bin rake rails:update:bin
config update coinbase initializer
db add missing tables, make fixer more robust
doc add lob perf template
features/support rubocopped
lib update gems, unkludge rolify, switch to resqued
log keep log dir
public add 1023 and c3 confirmation letter to faq
script add rspec, cucumber
spec move codeclimate reporter to top
test move codeclimate reporter to top
vendor update coinbase initializer
.gitignore add bundle config
.rspec add rspec, cucumber
.rubocop.yml rubocopped
.ruby-version update rbx to 2.5.8
.travis.yml start brew mysql in travis
COPYRIGHT MYL PAC now officially registered; include bylaws & eins
Capfile bump sprockets, paperclip; re-add capistrano-ci integration
Gemfile update coinbase initializer
Gemfile.lock update coinbase initializer update install instructions
LICENSE AGPL, copyright, and assignment documents switch to codeclimate for coverage
Rakefile Devise w/ multi-Omniauth. Can create users based on a variety of 3rd … rubocopped check gpg signed commits move keys to truecrypt volume

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Pivotal Tracker aims to eventually be an international scale replacement of legislatures, by enabling citizens to participate in liquid democracy. It will bootstrap through existing legal mechanisms for direct action with teeth: ballot propositions and grassroots campaign financing.

Contributor license: AGPL + copyright assignment to MYL group — please see doc/legal/Copyright_Assignment.txt and include it in your first pull request.

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