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Makeblock Library v3.24

Arduino Library for Makeblock Electronic Modules

How to use:

  1. Download the source from the git

  2. copy the makeblock folder to your arduino default library. Your Arduino library folder should now look like this
    (on Windows): [arduino installation directory]\libraries\makeblock\src
    (on MACOS): [arduino Package Contents]\contents\Java\libraries\makeblock\src

  3. Open the Arduino Application. (If it's already open, you will need to restart it to see changes.)

  4. Click "File-> Examples". Here are some test programs in "MakeBlockDrive->"

  5. Depending on the type of board you're using, you need to modify the header file to match. For example, if you're using a mCore. You should change #include <MeOrion.h> to #include <MeMCore.h> Corresponding boards and there header file are:

    Orion <--------> MeOrion.h

    BaseBoard <----> MeBaseBoard.h

    mCore <--------> MeMCore.h

    Shield <-------> MeShield.h

    Auriga <-------> MeAuriga.h

    MegaPi <-------> MeMegaPi.h

Revision of history:

Author Time Version Descr
Mark Yan 2015/07/24 3.0.0 Rebuild the old lib.
Rafael Lee 2015/09/02 3.1.0 Added some comments and macros.
Lawrence 2015/09/09 3.2.0 Include some Arduino's official headfiles which path specified.
Mark Yan 2015/11/02 3.2.1 fix bug on MACOS.
Mark Yan 2016/01/21 3.2.2 fix some library bugs.
Mark Yan 2016/05/17 3.2.3 add support for MegaPi and Auriga Board.
Mark Yan 2016/07/27 3.2.4 fix some JIRA issue, add PID motion for Megapi/Auriga on board encoder motor.

Learn more from Makeblock official website: