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discord_cogs V3 ONLY

Install guide:

[p]repo add MalarneCogs


[p]cog install MalarneCogs WhatYouWant



Updated version of account cog I couldn't find that person's discord tag, so couldn't ask him before uploading, but my discord's DMs are open.


Updated version of oboobs cog Uploaded with authorization of original author, you can also find that cog on his v3 branch (may not be fully updated)


A cog to display information about League of Legends, like your ranking, masteries, ranking of your current game, and history (may be slow, need to be modified) English translation is planned, just have to make the display look better first (it really is awful) NB: This cog may break randomly, for more updated version, use the one under WebLeveler branch, just note it'll work only on dev version until 3.1 version of Red is released


Require Pillow (pip3 install Pillow)

The first Leveler cog made for v3 ! Inspired by Stevy's v2 Leveler Basic code made by myself, TrustyJaid helped a lot making things look awesome (he entirely made the [p]profile image, big thumbs up to him) Just use [p]set locale fr-FR if you want to translate the cog into french ! NB: channel whitelist is enabled by default, if you want people to get xp from all your channels, just use [p]levelerset channel whitelist toggle NB2: you can customize your profile using profileset !