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InDesign plugin to ignore missing plugins information from documents

Opening an InDesign document saved with plugins which are no longer available causes many annoying problems like

  1. Have to Save As each time you save the file, providing a location and name for the save
  2. Not able to package the document, once you edit it as it requires the missing plugins

Solving this requires a cumbersome process of exporting the original indesign into IDML and then resaving it back to INDD format.

All these issues are effectively solved by InExUtils plugin, using this plugin you can easily ignore all the missing plugin information present in the document. All the open documents are changed at one go. This saves time and helps you to concentrate on your major work of designing rather than taking care of issues like IDML and INDD.


Currently the plugin is available for CC2017, CC2018, CC2019, CC2020, CC2021, CC2022 on MAC and CC2017 on WIN, other version would be released soon based on the feedback.

Trial Version

The plugin is installed as a trial version which is fully working installation that works for 7 days. Beyond that if you still wish to use the plugin please contact me via email mentioned in the message informing you about the expired trial

MAC Installation instructions :- Download the installer and run it. If you have InDesign installed in a location other than under /Application, choose the InDesign install location.

WIN Installation instructions :- Download the installer and run it

How to use

  1. Use the menu InEXUtils>Ignore missing plugins(All Docs). This will ignore the missing plugin info from all the open documents. This menu will be active only when we have some documents open.

Try my live caption plugin also:


InDesign plugin to ignore missing warnings from documents







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