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Fulma Demo Build status

Build for production

Run: ./fake.sh build

All the files needed for deployment are under the output folder.

Watch mode

Run: ./fake.sh build -t Watch

Running Fable without FAKE

  • Install NPM dependencies: yarn
  • Install Nuget dependencies: dotnet restore build.proj
  • Building for development: dotnet fable webpack-dev-server
  • Building for production: dotnet fable webpack-cli

Debugging in VS Code

  • Install Debugger For Chrome in vscode
  • Press F5 in vscode
  • After all the .fs files are compiled, the browser will be launched
  • Set a breakpoint in F#
  • Either press F5 in Chrome or restart debugging in VS Code with Ctrl+Shift+F5 (Cmd+Shift+F5 on macOS)
  • The breakpoint will be caught in vscode