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What Is Icon Set Forge?

Icon Set Forge is (or rather strives to become) an application for managing, maintaining, editing, or simply observing icon sets in a convenient manner. It is aimed to work on all major desktop operating systems, including GNU+Linux distributions, OS X, and Windows.

A Simple Use Case:

Load and Filter Icons

  • Open an icon set (with all it's cryptically-nested subfolders) as if it were a single file.
  • See the icons contained in that icon set in a neatly-arranged user interface
  • Apply filters for certain classifications (e.g. category)
  • Group icons by certain classifications (e.g. resolution, so you don't see each icon 5 times in 5 different sizes)


A screenshot of a very early development state

Apply Operations

An icon set loaded as described above can then be edited in a convient way. Some possible examples include:

  • Remove/rename/copy/link an icon
    • operations would be applied according to the grouping specifications set above (e.g. all resolutions of one icon get edited, instead of dealing with all of them manually)
  • Drop a new icon in vector format or high resolution into the icon set; Icon Set Forge then generates all necessary files in the correct subdirectories
  • Open a certain subset of icons in your image manipulator of choice
  • Define rules for converting subsets of icons into another form or structure
    • e.g. converting GTK to KDE icon set, iOS to Android, ICQ to Pidgin

Does It Work with My Particular Icon Set?

The underlying data structures and operations are designed to be flexible and extensible. By writing an AbstractScannerStrategy implementation, you can provide parsers for all kinds of icon sets. No knowledge of the core code is necessary, except a basic understanding of the (imho well documented) model classes.

This is where I especially hope to see fellow developers join the party! Implement your icon set type of choice to make Icon Set Forge as versatile as possible!

What Has Been Implemented so Far?

  • Underlying data structures for working with icons, classifications, and icon sets
  • A simple implementation of AbstractScannerStrategy to load Freedesktop Icon Themes
  • A simple user interface that can display icon sets and classifications
  • A mechanism for filtering icons by classification


If you want to quickly install and test the latest development version, you may use rhoconlinux's installation script by executing cd /tmp && wget -O && sh

From the original author:

Personal Experience and Feedback

I have not written C++ for quite a while (pre C++11) and never dealt with Qt before. So this whole code base is, besides its original aim, also to be considered a "learning project" for myself. I tried to explain what I did as good as possible and hope that most of my decisions have been somewhat reasonable, keeping in mind my limited experience with the aforementioned technologies. I am always open for recommendations on both technical details and (style) conventions.

Join Development

Information for developers can be found here.

Every kind of help is appreciated :-)


An application for managing, maintaining, editing or simply observing icon sets in a convenient manner.







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