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MapBBCode Share

This is a website originally made for sharing maps, based on MapBBCode javascript library. But since it has powerful import/export feature, it also can be used for planning routes, generating standalone map pages and converting between formats.


In order to reduce load on the main website, cloning the service is encouraged. Requirements are few:

  • Apache with mod_rewrite or nginx with php-fpm
  • PHP 5.2 or newer
  • MySQL 5
  • A separate domain (or subdomain) name

To install, copy all files (except to a designated directory, modify config.php according to your setup, and open If you see a map with a yellow message saying tables were created, you're good to go. Set NEED_INIT_DB in the config to false, then check that saving and signing in work.

For caching to work, you need a cache directory with writing rights.


At the moment MapBBCode Share can import 11 file types and export 10. Writing a plugin for a new file format is easy: see examples in formats directory. Those are loaded automatically, you won't have to modify other scripts. Keep in mind this is not a universal convertor: GPSBabel is. This is not a GPS trace storage, and traces are simplified: we already have GPSies for full GPX downloads, elevation and speed profiles. MapBBCode Share goals are simple and outlined in the first section, and supported formats list should be kept short.

Included Libraries

Writing the service would be much harder it it weren't for those libraries:


All files that did not come from other libraries are released under WTFPL.

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