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Routegadget 2

Latest news

Version 1.3.4 was released on 18th February 2017. It includes a translation into Russian.

The main recent change is a new function that will allow you to delete a route that you have drawn. This will only be allowed from the PC (or tablet or phone) on which you drew the route. This is a balance between providing a useful function (probably the most requested) and preventing abuse of the system. It is limited to the last 10 routes drawn, they must have been drawn in RG2 version 1.3.1 or later, and it will only work on "modern" browsers (meaning it will be fine for the vast majority of people).

If all those conditions are OK then you should see a small dustbin icon next to your name when you have drawn or uploaded a route. Click on the dustbin and you will be asked to confirm deletion.

Guidance on creating map files has also been added.

I would recommend using the RG2 manager to set up events rather than the original Routegadget Java version. This will give you some extra functionality (such as positions in the results), and it is also a lot easier to get the controls aligned.

User Guide and Introductory Videos

All RG2 videos.

For a quick start try:

  1. The User Guide in the wiki.

  2. Video: A quick introduction to RG2

  3. Video: Drawing a route

  4. Video: Uploading a GPS route

Manager Guide and Video

What is RouteGadget?

Routegadget is a Web application for drawing and comparing orienteering routes. The original version was developed by Jarkko Ryyppö, and it is now used by orienteering clubs around the world.

Why Routegadget 2?

The original Routegadget makes extensive use of Java, and this has caused increasing difficulties. Routegadget 2 allows you to view existing Routegadget information in any modern (HTML5-compliant) browser without the need for Java. It also adds a modern user interface as well as updated functionality for analysis.

RG2 Installations

For a list of known RG2 installations see the RG2 statistics database. Email me if you would like your site added to this list.