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  1. RG2 page layout
  2. Events tab
  3. Courses tab
  4. Results tab
  5. Draw tab
  6. Replay control panel
  7. Display options
  8. Useful things to know

RG2 page layout

Title bar

This is across the top of the screen. If an event is loaded then details are shown here. The right hand side of the title bar shows icons to set display options.

Information panel

This is on the left hand side of screen. It includes four tabs, each showing different information. Switch between the tabs by clicking on the tab name. The Events tab is always enabled. The other three tabs are only enabled if an event has been loaded.

Map display

This is on the right of the screen. It is blank if no event has been loaded.

Events tab

Events are listed in reverse date order, with the most recent event at the top. The event type and date can be seen by hovering your mouse over the event name. If there is an information icon next to the event then there are additional comments which can be seen if you hover your mouse over the event name.

Left click on an event to load it.

You can return to the Events tab at any time to load a new event. This will overwrite any event you are currently viewing.

Courses tab

The Courses tab is only enabled if you have an event loaded. It displays a list of all courses and shows the number of runners and the number of routes for each course.

You can display each course using the first checkbox and routes for the course using the second checkbox.

The totals row at the bottom of the table allows you to show or hide all courses and all routes.

Results tab

The results tab shows all results grouped by course. The checkbox next to a course name shows or hides the course on the map.

Click on a course name to expand it and see the results for that course.

Runners who have drawn their route have a checkbox under the "Pen" icon. Use this to show or hide the route. GPS routes are indicated with a "GPS" prefix and the name is in italics.

Select runners for replay using the checkbox at the end of the row headed by the "Play" icon.

Runners who entered a comment when they drew their route are shown underlined. You can read the comment by hovering your mouse over the runner name. You can read all comments for an event on the "Help" dialog accessed from the "Help" icon in the top right of the screen.

If you have drawn your route for an event and you are viewing it on the same device that you drew it on then you should be able to delete the route by clicking on the Bin" icon next to the route.

Draw tab

This tab allows you to draw your route or to upload a GPS file. If this tab is not active then the event has been set up as read-only. There will also be a "Padlock" icon in the title bar.

GPS file adjustment

When you upload a file it is initially fitted to the course as closely as possible. Adjustment handles (small dots) are added at the start and end of the route. These are green when free to move and red when locked. Left click on a handle to toggle the lock. You can stretch and rotate around a single locked point, or between two locked points.

GPS autofit

There is an autofit function available which will attempt to fit your GPS route to your course. This usually works reasonably well, but it relies on all the controls being synchronised. It allows fro an offset of up to 20 seconds between the start of the GPS file and the actual start time. You can try manually adjusting this offset to find a better fit.

If you do use autofit then you should always manually adjust the start and end of the route since these are often quite different to the positions defined in the course file.

Replay control panel

The replay control panel is only displayed if one or more runners have been selected for replay on the Results tab. It is shown in the bottom right corner of the screen

Useful things to know

  1. You can hide the information panel by clicking on the small arrow at the top right of it, or by clicking on the RG2 icon in the Title bar.

  2. The replay control panel is only displayed if one or more runners have been selected for replay on the Results tab.

  3. You can configure many of the display options by clicking the Configuration icon (a cog) in the top right corner of the screen.

  4. Links to RG2 can take you directly to a specific event by including #xx at the end of the link, where xx is the event number displayed when you hover over the event on the Events tab. If no event is specified then you will be taken to the Events tab and no map will be loaded initially.

  5. You can read all comments for an event on the "Help" dialog accessed from the "Help" icon in the top right of the screen.