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System Preferences pane to change screen resolution on your macOS guest.
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This is a System Preferences pane to change screen resolution on your macOS guest.



When running macOS as a guest on a WMware host, the way you change screen resolution is using a command line tool that comes with VMware Tools:

/Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/vmware-resolutionSet <width> <height>

I access my virtual macOS via VNC Viewer from different workstations with different screen sizes. This leaves me with the need to change screen size often - and for some reason I always has to google how to do this.


Please download and unzip from the latest release.

Then open it by double clicking it. If you get a message that "VMware.prefPane can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer", then you can right-click "VMware.prefPane" and select open from the menu.

You can also manually copy the VMware.prefPane to one of these locations:

Current user


cp -r VMware.prefPane ~/Library/PreferencePanes/

All users


cp -r VMware.prefPane /Library/PreferencePanes/


This project uses cocoapods. Please install cocoapods and from the terminal run this command from the project root folder:

pod install

Open the VMware.PreferencePane.xcworkspace workspace and build the project as normal.


Since "System Integration Protection" was introduced in macOS it is no longer possible to debug system shipped applications.

There are few workarounds for this.

One is of cause to disable System Integration Protection. I find that too invasive.

Another is making a copy of the "System Preferences" application and resign it. See stackoverflow for more information on this approach.

I went with the test bed application. So I created "VMware.Debug", which basically loads the VMware.prefPane and displays it. Simply select this target and press "Run".

Selecting the "VMware" target will launch the VMware.prePane initiating a (re)install in "System Preferences" application. You won't be able to debug, but you can test the preference pane live.

Sometimes it can be neccessary to remove the existing instalation from the "System Preferences" application first.

Remove VMware Preference Pane


VMware.PreferencesPane is released under the MIT License.


VMware is a registered trademark of VMware Inc.

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