asciimo - create awesome ascii art with javascript! works in the browser or node.js
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greetings, i am asciimo

i create awesome ascii art with javascript!

i work in node.js and the browser

v0.3.1 online demo @

font files are FIGlet .flf files


command-line -

      asciimo "roffles" Cybermedium

node.js -

      var sys = require('sys');
      var asciimo = require('./lib/asciimo').Figlet;
      var colors = require('./lib/colors'); // add colors for fun

      // pick the font file
      var font = 'banner';
      // set text we are writeing to turn into leet ascii art
      var text = "hello, i am asciimo";

      asciimo.write(text, font, function(art){
        var anotherFont = 'binary';
        var moreText = "i turn text into leet ascii art ^_^.";

        asciimo.write(moreText, anotherFont, function(art){
          var anotherFont = 'Colossal';
          var moreText = "400+ fonts supported";

          asciimo.write(moreText, anotherFont, function(art){
            var anotherFont = 'tinker-toy';
            var moreText = "Marak Squires 2010";

            asciimo.write(moreText, anotherFont, function(art){
              sys.puts('if you can\'t see the text try making your console larger'.red.underline)




browser -

      // the current browser demo requires jQuery. you could easily make it work without jQuery.
      // we'll have to figure out a smarter way to make this library work dual-sided. 
      // also, i haven't included the DOM elements here so you really should just check out the index.html file

      <script type="text/javascript" src="./lib/asciimo.js"></script>

      <!-- fonts.js doesn't contain the fonts, just the font names. fonts are located in /asciimo/fonts/   -->
      <script type="text/javascript" src="./lib/fonts.js"></script>

      <!-- jquery not required, just use this this demo page -->
      <script type="text/javascript" src="./lib/jquery.js"></script>

      <script type="text/javascript">

      // not used, could be implemented, maybe AJAX browser cache is good enough? do some research!
      var fontCache = {};


        // populate the select box
        for(var i = 0; i<Figlet.fontList.length; i++){
          var fontTitle = Figlet.fontList[i].replace('.flf','').replace('.aol',''); // remove the file extentions for the title
          $('#fontSelector').append('<option value = "'+Figlet.fontList[i]+'">'+fontTitle+'</option>');

        // protip : understanding the following two blocks of code will make you jQuery ninja

        /***** NAMED EVENTS *****/

          // change the font and load a new font via jQuery async AJAX request
          $(document).bind('##CHANGE_FONT##', function(e, data){
            Figlet.loadFont(data.fontName, function(rsp){
              $(document).trigger('##RENDER_ASCII_ART##', {font:rsp}); // the font has changed, lets call the render ascii art event

          $(document).bind('##RENDER_ASCII_ART##', function(e){
            Figlet.write($('#theCode').val(), $('#fontSelector').val(), function(str) {
                  $('#asciiArt').html('<pre>' + str + '</pre>');

        /**** END NAMED EVENTS ****/

        /**** BIND UI EVENTS ****/

          // select box change
            $(document).trigger('##CHANGE_FONT##', {"fontName":$(this).val()})

          // you would think jQuery.change() would cover the keypress event on select boxes? 
          $("#fontSelector").keypress(function (){
            $(document).trigger('##CHANGE_FONT##', {"fontName":$(this).val()})

          // keyup on textarea


        /**** END UI BIND EVENTS ****/

        // little bit of a onReady hack. i'll fix the API a bit so this can be done better
        $(document).trigger('##CHANGE_FONT##', {"fontName":'Doh'});



Marak Squires,

AWESOME FIGlet parser by Scott Gonzalez