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Releases: Marat-Tanalin/bsnes-mt

bsnes-mt 1.3.4

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Fixed: state-slot number was not shown in status bar when iterating one by one via hotkeys.

bsnes-mt 1.3.3r3 (2021-03-08)

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1.3.3r3 (2021-03-08):

  • Added French translation (fr) by KarLKoX-FR.

(The executable is the same as 1.3.3.)

1.3.3r2 (2021-01-10):

  • Added translations:
    • German (de) (full, by Erendel);
    • Italian (it) (full, by Vecna);
    • Spanish (es) (almost full, by JuanchoES).
  • Previous partial Italian translation by theheroGAC is now available as it-partial.
  • Fixed syntax of partial Japanese translation.

(The executable is the same as 1.3.3.)

1.3.3 (2020-10-07):

  • Built-in hotkeys: unused modifiers are now taken into account.
  • Widened settings navigation for Russian items to fit into at 100% OS-level zoom without horizontal scrolling.
  • Minor corrections to Brazilian-Portuguese translation.

bsnes-mt 1.3.2

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  • Support for language subtags and custom locales.
  • Added Brazilian-Portuguese translation (pt-BR) by Wellington Uemura aka wtuemura.

bsnes-mt 1.3.1

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  • Fixed: did not run on some systems due to a compilation flag inherited from original bsnes. (Thanks Philip P. for feedback and testing.)
  • Disabled exclusive full-screen mode by default since VSync doesn't work in exclusive mode.

bsnes-mt 1.3

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  • Translations are now easily editable external text files.
  • Added partial Italian translation by theheroGAC.
  • Support for optional 8:7 pixel-aspect ratio (PAR) instead of 4:3 image aspect-ratio.
  • More built-in hotkeys:
    • F9 and PrintScreen to take screenshot;
    • F11 to toggle full-screen mode;
    • Escape to exit full-screen or pseudo-full-screen mode;
    • Ctrl+W and Ctrl+F4 to close game;
    • F5 to reset virtual console;
    • Pause/Break to pause emulation.
  • Added a section into settings, for managing built-in hotkeys.
  • Added confirmation before clearing recent games’ list.
  • Scaling info is now only shown when changed, to prevent affecting performance.
  • Added settings’ section title into settings’ window titlebar.
  • Fixed: overscan setting was ignored in “Center” mode with aspect-ratio correction enabled.

bsnes-mt 1.2

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  • Fixed bsnes bug: region autodetection didn't work with native file dialog.
  • Fixed: region autodetection didn't work even with the custom bsnes file dialog, when Russian UI language was used.
  • Disabled the 'No Recent Games' menu metaitem.
  • Translated 'Slot' in status-bar message after quick save, and 'Redo' in 'Quick States' list in state manager.
  • Internal improvements.

bsnes-mt 1.1.1

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Fixed a crash when closing with Alt+F4 in Windows 7.

bsnes-mt 1.1

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  • Russian translation is now complete.
  • Pixel-perfect scaling in HiRes modes.
  • Built-in hotkeys for full-screen, pseudo-full-screen, opening a game, and support for Alt+F4 in full-screen mode.
  • Fixed: main window was unfocused after start.

bsnes-mt 1.0

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bsnes-mt 1.0