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@MarcoPNS MarcoPNS released this Aug 22, 2020


A small Tool for Streamers to show the current Track of Spotify to your Viewers! Completly customizable to fit your style.


  • Added ToolTips
  • Fixed #25 - Viewer will stay normal if Settings is in background/minimized
  • Fixed #27 - Viewer will be refreshed if size changes
  • Fixed a Bug where the timer still runs when the track is paused

Download v1.4.1.0

How to use it?

  1. Download the tool
  2. Start the Tool
  3. Customize the Viewer and open the Viewer
  4. The Tool will open your browser at the first time for authentification. Login to Spotify and authorize this tool.


Create a Issue if something went wrong


Made by Marco Sadowski

This application use Dennis Magno and SpotifyAPI-NET by Jonas Dellinger

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