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CSLA .NET public contribution project
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CSLA .NET public contribution project

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The use (and contribution to) cslacontrib is governed by the file in this repo.

CSLA .NET Contrib is a contribution project to Rockford Lhotka's CSLA .NET framework. The project is focused on extending the features of CSLA .NET.


CSLA .NET is copyright (c) Marimer LLC. Use of CSLA.NET and CslaContrib is governed by the MIT license.


Project Tracker Wisej is online

Try Project Tracker online

Profiling used memory on Project Tracker Wisej Web vs WinForms

Results of Project Tracker memory profile for Wisej Web and WinForms versions:

Environment Used Memory
Wisej single instance baseline 14.908 KB
Wisej extra instance 259 KB
WinForms 2.421 KB

Project Tracker Release mode build

When you build the solution in Release mode, at the root level there will be a ProjectTracker-Outputs folder. On this folder there are 4 folders with ready to run versions:

  • AppServer - AppServerHost web site IIS ready
  • WebSite - Wisej web site IIS ready
  • WebStandalone - Wisej web site packed into a desktop .exe file
  • WinForms - Windows Forms desktop application

These applications use a remotely hosted AppServerHost.

Release 4.6.606 published on NuGet (10-04-2018).

Maintenance release:

  1. Promote .NET 4.6 projects to .NET 4.6.1
  2. Fetch Wisej dependency from NuGet (no need to intall Wisej)

All samples were updated to CSLA .Net 4.7.100 and CslaContrib 4.6.606

N.B. - To run ProjectTracker Wisej Web sample you don't need to install Wisej.

Release Notes


CSLA .NET Contrib is copyright Marimer LLC. Its use is governed by the MIT license.

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