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This ia collection of files used for my embedded Linux class. Run ./ to install the the packages needed for the class. --Mark 19-July-2012
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.mplayer Added .mplayer config file
3D/sample Added Ball and Cube
IRtracker Moved LightTracker.c to exercises-solutions
LEDstring Playing with LEDs
Old Removed ASEE, DSPgpio, adafruit. Moved pwm-2.8 and pinMux-3.2 to Old
ProjectIdeas Removed .dropbox_uploader
audioThru Removed dsp and gpp directories
autogain Updated video to 1.0
bootstrap Removed the comments, found a work around
cape-universal Getting cape-universal going
csound Cleaned up a bunch of things
deviceTree Moved to P9 15, 16, 17, 18
eQEP Added github path
email Switched Gmail to gmail
etch-a-sketch Moved to different gpio pins. Added python code from Raspberry Pi Coo…
gdbExample Added -ggdb3 flag
geoipLookup Added geoipLookup
googleDrive Added twodopeshaggy-drive-trusty.list
gpio Removed state variable and use x.value
gstreamer Added a .
i2c Completely synchronous now
ibmIoT Added notes on used mqtt to intersept data
ifttt Having IFTTT working both ways.
imu Making more progress
initialState Added Initial State
ir Looking into LIRC for an IR remote
kernel uses sshfs to copy new kernel to bone
launchPad Added code to run on launchPad
make Cleaned up a bunch of things
mathematica Cleaning up
matrix16x24 added .gitignore files
miniDisplay Copying image to buffer before WriteChunk. It displays much faster now
minimal Added install instructions for minimal image
mmap Added \n at end
modules Updated to compile on Bone
molloy Moved things from DerekMolloy to molloy
motion Added motion
mqtt Added examples of publish and subscribe
node-red Cleaned up a bunch of things
node.js Removed extra's
nsf Added NSF
onewire Changed the device address
opc Added
phant adding phant
pifm Added printf
pinLabels Removed this
plotly Added plotly
pptx Added Installing Newer Packages pptx and removed some old pptx
python Added SciPy install instructions
realtime Only calls i2cOpen if the address changes
rtl-sdr Fixed sample rate
satelliteTracking Added output.html
sensorTag Cleaned up a bunch of things
servoBell Added servoBell
setup Uncommented npm proxy config
sms Added better error handling
speechDemo Changed developers to educators
stockquote Switched to AAPL
stream-adventure More streams
temperature Moved to
twitter Added newline at end
universal-translator Added autherization key
video Right zach image
vm Added monitoring instructions
weaved Added Weaved
wolfram Cleaned up various things
ws2801 Moved to better names
xenomai Added path to thumb patch
xkcdPlot Added xkcd plot
.gitignore Cleaned up Makefile and added .opp and .dtbo to .gitignore Updated README
helloWorld.c Initial commit with everything
launchPad.fzz Added launchPad images
launchPad.js Blinks red and green LEDs on MSP430 launchpad
launchPad_bb.png Added launchPad images
test.html Initial commit with everything
that Testing that

This ia collection of files used for my 32-bit embedded Linux class.

Run ./ to install the the packages needed for the class.

--Mark 6-July-2012

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