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ControlTower is a web application server for Rack-based MacRuby applications based on Apple's Grand Central Dispatch libraries.

It is composed of three major components: A Grand Central Dispatch based networking layer, the Mongrel HTTP parser, and a Rack web application interface.


ControlTower can be installed as a gem using the `macgem` command. To build and install from source, go to the root directory of the project and run:

$ rake package
$ sudo macgem install pkg/control_tower-1.0-universal-darwin-10.gem


There are currently only 4 supported command line options:

  • -R <> : Where you specify the Rack-up config to run

  • -a <host> : Address to bind server to (default:

  • -p <port> : Port on which to run the server (default: 3000)

  • -c : Enable serving requests on a concurrent GCD queue


There are a collection of Rack-up configs located in the “sample” directory that demonstrate some features of ControlTower and MacRuby. See the README in that directory for more information.


All the files in this distribution are covered under the Ruby's license (see the file COPYING).