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Welcome to my Github workshop :o)

There are a couple of different starting points.
1.  If you are completely new to github, create your account and go through their setup process.  If you get stuck, ask for help on IRC
2.  If you have a github account, but have never used to work with code repositories, go through the process of setting up your key
3.  Work with forks, branches and pull requests.   I've created a repository called "Practice" which contains a document titled "guestbook.txt."  The challenge is to fork this repository, create your own branch, edit the file with your name, location, etc.  and create a  pull request for your modifications.  
- fork the repository (click the button on github that says "fork")
- clone the repository onto your computer "git clone <filename>"
- create your own branch "git checkout -b <branchname"
-edit the file with your name, location, etc.
- commit your changes 
   "git add <filename>" 
   "git commit -m <filename"
- push your changes up your branch "git push origin "branchname"
-submit your pull request on github
When you've completed those steps, I'll merge your changes into the repository.