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Avea Bulb

Binary Protocol

Communication with a bulb is done via the service f815e810456c6761746f4d756e696368 and its characteristic f815e811456c6761746f4d756e696368. The first byte in the protocol is the command, the others are the payload. When sending a command without payload the current value from this command is send back as notification.

Available Commands

  • 0x35: Color
  • 0x58: User defined name of the bulb
  • 0x57: Brightness


The color is defined by these four variables: white, red, green, blue. Each variable has a value between 0 and 4095 (0xfff).

The byte sequence, which has to be send to bulb can be computed on the following way:

For example we set the color to w: 0xaaa, r: 0xbbb, g:0xccc, b:0xddd, with a fading of 0x111 we send:

35 11 01 0a 00 aa 8a bb 3b cc 2c dd 1d
Color command fading in LE unkown white with 8 as prefix red with 3 as prefix green with 2 as prefix blue with 1 as prefix

To compute the color part the following js function is used:

const buffer = new Buffer(8);
buffer.writeUInt16LE(this.white | 0x8000, 0);
buffer.writeUInt16LE( | 0x3000, 2);
buffer.writeUInt16LE( | 0x2000, 4);
buffer.writeUInt16LE( | 0x1000, 6);

The color send back through the notification has a different format. For the same values as set above the following bytes are received:

35 da 0a 5e 1d 57 2c 4f 3b aa 0a dd 1d cc 2c bb 3b
Color command current white (0xada) current blue (0xd5e) current green (0xc57) current red (0xb4f) target white (0xaaa) target blue (0xddd) target green (0xccc) target red (0xbbb)
// command code byte already stripped

// these are the current colors of the lamp.
let white = buffer.readUInt16LE(0);
let blue = buffer.readUInt16LE(2) ^ 0x1000;
let green = buffer.readUInt16LE(4) ^ 0x2000;
let red = buffer.readUInt16LE(6) ^ 0x3000;

// these are the colors the lamp is fading to.
let whiteTarget = buffer.readUInt16LE(8);
let blueTarget = buffer.readUInt16LE(10) ^ 0x1000;
let greenTarget = buffer.readUInt16LE(12) ^ 0x2000;
let redTarget = buffer.readUInt16LE(14) ^ 0x3000;


The name is received as a null terminated string. For example: 0x58 0x45 0x6c 0x67 0x61 0x74 0x6f 0x20 0x41 0x76 0x65 0x61 0x00 = Elgato Avea


Brightness goes from 0-4095 and is send and received as little endian value.

e.g. 0x57ff0f for 4095.