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The most intelligent way of crawling websites - now with Sitecore support!
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Onero Page Runner

The most intelligent way of crawling websites - now with Sitecore support!

Please visit project website -

Onero Page Runner - smart and lightweight open-source page runner/crawler, is ideally suited for testing websites, especially when you are making changes to it. Onero doesn't just simply load pages, but also executes JavaScript rules against it to verify compliance. As well as Rules it can also submit forms on pages (including authorization login forms to enter protected areas), create screenshots of every single page visited and generate detailed report at the end of its journey.

Version 1.2 has now ben released. New features include:

  • Buttons from main forms relocated into main menu
  • Links are now auto-saved in settings profiles on each process start and app exit
  • Prepared support for various browser in next version
  • Defaults revised
  • Multiple improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.1 has now ben released. New features include:

  • Settings profiles: now benefit from having multiple settings and immediate switching between them
  • Re-worked UI with multiple improments
  • It is now became possible to test as many forms on a page as you may want
  • Rules no support also bool return type from javascript in addition to int
  • Many other bugfixes and minor improvements

New features coming with next update:

  • Running multi-steps complex user journeys
  • Program auto-update feature

Main screen

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