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Simply Implement dribbble's popular shot.
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##Chuan² did a masterpiece

I love Chuan²'s work,it's simple & elegant. You can see the impressive animation on Dribbble

##Why I Do This?

As a motion designer(My Dribbble),I begin to learn some code,try to work with both Xcode and Facebook Origami.

Also I thought beautiful things should be implemented.

##Final Effect

I try to Implement this work in Xcode(First of all,I made a prototype in Origami).I used the Pop framework.

Sorry for my poor code skill.In Fact,I'm in an Android ROM Team,but I'm very interested in iOS,I just wanna explore more ways to Implement effect.(Not only live in design tools)


This is the effect in Origami


This is the effect in Xcode

P.S Special Thanks to 武☁️牛、AlienJunX、Franz、Kevin Lee,They helped me a lot.

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