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HDMI version of project GbVga, aim to display GameBoy (DMG) on HDMI screen and play with Super NES Joypad.


Mario Land 2 with pocket colors

Mario in HDMI full screen

This project aim to demonstrate the HDMI feature of Gowin FPGA on Tang Nano 4K and the power of Chisel HDL language for hardware generation.

#GbHdmi was awarded at the Digitronix Nepal competition.


To generate the core some additionnal Chisel library are required to be published locally :

$ git clone
$ cd GbVga/chisel/
$ sbt publishLocal
$ git clone
$ cd fpgamacro
$ sbt publishLocal
$ git clone
$ cd HdmiCore
$ sbt publishLocal
$ git clone
$ cd chisNesPad
$ sbt publishLocal

Core generation

To generate verilog using HdmiCore :

$ sbt "runMain gbhdmi.TopGbHdmiDriver

Verilog BlackBoxed sources are available in directory src/verilog and pinout/constraints in src/constraints.

Bill of material