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Go program to interact with file I/O in order to find and connect plane flights for passengers through commands.
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Plane Seating Company

September 9th 2018

code developed on: Mac

steps to compile: ( assuming you have go installed globally on your machine)

  1. Download and extract the given zip file.
  2. In a terminal window, navigate to the project's folder.
  3. Run the following command: go run db_1.go In case step 3. does not work, try copying the project folder to ~/go/src and running it from there.

bugs: none that I noticed so far


I created a reader to get input from the user on the command line and then split it and put every single space-seperated string within a slice of strings. Then I used the indexes of the slice to seperate commands. I validated for each command within a bunch of if statement blocks. I also added validation for when a wrong command is entered. Every series of commands calls a specific function to either add or load or find (or quit) data from/to a file. I put everything within a loop that will continue executing and asking for commands until the program is exited through entering the key "q". on the file, I denoted city lines by a starting string of "c: " and a similar approach was used for airlines and flights. This is what I use to distinguish cities from flights from airports when trying to load a specific one.


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