SQL Server Monitoring Dashboard "Zaiba2"
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SQL Server Simple Monitoring Tool "Zaiba2"

Zaiba2 is a tool for easy collection of SQL Server metrics in a Windows environment.

Collect and visualize metrics with the components of the TICK Stack and the PowerShell script. You can visualize information in SQL Server 2008 or later and SQL Database. Zaiba2

Get SQL Server metrics in Zaiba2.ps1, store them in InfluxDB, and visualize them in Chronograf.
Collecting metrics is done in a PowerShell script, so you can easily make changes.
(Zaiba2.ps1 can also be run with a PowerShell Core.) Component


When running on Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016, setup can be executed by script.
You can setup it by running Setup/Setup-Zaiba2.ps1.
(The file is stored in C:\Zaiba2 by default)


If Setup-Zaiba2.ps1 can not be executed normally, execute the InfluxDB and Chronograf setup with reference to the following information.
Running the TICK Stack on Windows

Let's Starting

First, start InfluxDB and Chronograf. Start two command prompts and execute the following command.

C:\Zaiba2\influxdb-1.7.1-1\influxd.exe -config C:\Zaiba2\influxdb-1.7.1-1\influxdb.conf > nul 2>&1
C:\Zaiba2\chronograf-1.7.3-1\chronograf.exe > nul 2>&1

Chronograf can be accessed with http://localhost:8888. Chronograf

Click Get Started to display the Add Connection screen.
Specify Zaiba2 for Telegraf Database Name and create a connection. Add Connection

After adding connections, import the Zaiba2 dashboard.
Import Dashboard

If you set up with a script, drag and drop C:\Zaiba2\Tools\zaiba2.json.
If you set up manually, drag and drop the file of ./Chronograf/SQL Server Monitoring Dashboard Zaiba2.json
Drag and Drop

If Reconcile Sources is displayed, please select Influx 1.
Reconcil Sources

Let's start getting metrics.
In PowerShell, run Zaiba2.ps1.

C:\Zaiba2\Tools\Zaiba2.ps1 -mssql_datasource "<Server Name or IP>" -mssql_userid "<SQL Login>" -mssql_password "<Login Password>"

To obtain information on Azure SQL Database, execute the following command.

C:\Zaiba2\Tools\Zaiba2.ps1 -mssql_datasource "<Server Name or IP>" -mssql_userid "<SQL Login>" -mssql_password "<Login Password>" -mssql_initialcatalog "<Database Name>" -AzureSQLDB

Please open the dashboard with Chronograf when metrics collection starts normally.
Open Dashboard

Variables can be changed by clicking on Variables.
If you get metrics of more than one server, please change the variable. Variables