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Fortnite Sign Instructions (Simple)

  1. Open Easel here and make your changes for your specific machine setups as you like. Note: i should have edited some of the tree points to make them wider! Link: Inventables Easel Project
  2. CUT!!!
  3. Sand all the edges to get a nice smooth surface. Make sure to sand both sides of the signs and both sides of edges.
  4. Use drywall joint compound to seal all the edges and the cut letters. Dont need anyhting thick just a thin layer.
  5. Once dry sand all the joint compound to get a nice smooth finish with 150 or 220 grit.
  6. Apply a coat of Kilz OIL-BASED Primer. DO NOT USE WATER BASED PRIMER!!!! Apply Again
  7. Lightly Sand again to get a nice smooth platform for your paint.
  8. Paint your interior letters first, i didnt do this but it owuld have made this quicker to dry and finish.
  9. Paint another coat and then get all your corners with a small brush.
  10. Once dry i would sand the edges of the flat top in order to get a nice smooth finish and remove any overage.
  11. Paint your major color and wait to dry then apply another coat!
  12. Paint all your edges and allow to dry!