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Loading Playerdata datas takes way too long #149

ItsHarry opened this Issue Jul 16, 2014 · 7 comments

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[04:00:23] [Server thread/INFO]: [mcore] Enabling mcore v7.2.0
[04:00:24] [Server thread/INFO]: [mcore 7.2.0] === ENABLE START ===
[04:00:24] [Server thread/INFO]: [mcore 7.2.0] Loading Playerdat datas...
[04:54:18] [Server thread/INFO]: [mcore 7.2.0] Loading Cachefile datas...
[04:54:24] [Server thread/INFO]: [mcore 7.2.0] Loading Onlineplayer datas...
[04:54:24] [Server thread/INFO]: [mcore 7.2.0] Loading Registry datas...
[04:54:24] [Server thread/INFO]: [mcore 7.2.0] Skipping Dbmojangapi datas since offline mode...
[04:54:24] [Server thread/INFO]: [mcore 7.2.0] Saving Cachefile...
[04:54:24] [Server thread/INFO]: [mcore 7.2.0] Setup of IdUtil took 3240581ms.
[04:54:24] [Server thread/INFO]: [mcore 7.2.0] === ENABLE COMPLETE (Took 3240933ms) ===

For some reason, it takes the server 54 minutes to load the Playerdat datas. I'm using Factions v2.4.0 with MCore 7.2.0. That was today's server restart, yesterday's server restart it took 57 minutes to load the playerdat datas.

Any idea what might be causing these extremely long loading times?


How many users are registered in Factions? (How many files are in mstore/factions_mplayer?)


406, but there are 200k in world/playerdata


What is it doing exactly when it says 'Loading Playerdat datas...' ?
I can't imagine Factions needing to have all playerdata loaded at all times.


Happening to me as well with mcore 7.2.1 and Factions 2.4.0.

MassiveCraft member

This is related to the the UUID update. I will be able to remove this time consuming upgrade procedure from the source code soon.

ItsHarry commented Sep 9, 2014

Sounds good, with an Samsung 830 SSD it takes about two minutes now

MassiveCraft member

This feature is removed now so it should no longer be an issue.

@oloflarsson oloflarsson closed this Oct 6, 2014
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