A complete lockscreen replacement
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Xen Lockscreen.xcodeproj


Xen Lockscreen

Re-imagine your lockscreen

Please note that this code was written between 2015 and 2017

This tweak allows the user to have pages of content directly on the lockscreen, along with providing improvements to notifications, media artwork and more.

Supports iOS 9 and 10, and all device types. Note that whilst iOS 9 compatibility is complete, iOS 10 support should be considered as beta.

Tweak Details

Content Pages

These pages can be arranged in any order, and can be added or removed from the lockscreen with ease.


Xen Lockscreen allows grouping of notifications together per app, along with applying a custom styling similar to iOS 10 for iOS 9 users.

Unlock Direction

The direction to swipe to unlock can modified with three different settings:


A combination of iOS 10's Raise to Wake, and Nokia's Glance. The display will show quick information after removing the device from the user's pocket.. Tap the screen, or press the Home button, to access the lockscreen.

Media Artwork

This tweak also allows for setting different styles of media artwork, such as fullscreen imagery. (http://imgur.com/d8jZm17)

Morning Summary

When the user wakes up, useful information will be displayed about the day ahead.


Xen Lockscreen has in-built support for applying themes to the lockscreen. Any theme built for it or Convergance from Cydia can be used.

Third-Party Libraries


This project requires iOSOpenDev and builds against the iOS 9.3 SDK. Dependant third-party libraries and private headers are included within this repository for portability reasons.


Licensed under the GPLv2.