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Sem Sol

Who even likes sitting on the sunny side? Even though it might be (arguably) """healthy""" to get some sun on your skin at least once a year, you'd like to be able to commute back home without that troublesome ball of fire forcing your eyes shut. This 1st-world problem is no more, with the outstandingly innovative "Sem Sol" web app.

Simply by selecting the bus you're about to hop on, the time of the day you're doing it on and what general direction you're gonna go, the app will tell you the percentage of sun each side will get with as much precision as I am legally allowed. Fear no more, the solution is here!

Visit for a gorgeous live demo. If your bus is not listed there, too bad please send me a message or something and I'll gladly add it.


Website designed to inform which side of a bus in Rio de Janeiro the sun will be at a given point in time





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