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CSV Editor plugin for Eclipse
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CSV Editor plugin for Eclipse


Feel free to clone, edit, build and release (just update version and/or name of your fork, so make it clear for users) or ask for push access here. Tell about new fork by adding new issue. I will happily put a link to the new repo.

What is this ?

This repository is a fork of created by Mathieu Savy in 2104. It contains the latest functionalities available for CSVEdit but most of the new features are still being tested. If you look for a more reliable version of the plugin you should probably visit the original repository.

  • The previous stable release 1.1.3 was available on Eclipse Marketplace.
  • The version available in this repository is 1.2.x

The intention was to contribute features from here to the original repository once they are mature.

How to get the latest version

  1. Via Eclipse marketplace at
    or drag-n-drop the image on the Eclipse toolbar
    Drag onto your running Eclipse toolbar. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client

  2. The latest version (1.2) 2017-10-31 built is available with update-site In Eclipse Help -> Install new software, add the URL and follow the instructions.

  3. Or from this repository:

  • [] TODO 3. Offline site archive from GitHub releases.
  1. Other option is to build from sources with maven mvn package and install from local repository archive, that will be in


CSVEdit make CSVFile edition easier.

  • Edit from the source editor

    The source editor has been enhanced to help you differentiate your data from the different column using a color mechanism

  • Edit from a table view representing the csv data

    The table editing is definitely the added value of the plugin and allows a bunch of operation on your csv file among the following features

    • Easy editing of data
    • Insertion and deletion of table rows
    • Insertion and deletion of table column
    • Filtering of data
    • Customize view with hidding/display of column to simplify the view
    • Manage your column with moving/resizing columns
    • Sorting data in column
    • Manage your own CSV settings


Optional maven/tycho build was added in 2017 by Paul Verest.

New features of 1.2.x

In the new CSVEdit version, it is now possible to edit a row in a form.

Detailed edition

And even specify columns containing multiple values and their delimiter.

To do so, go in preferences/CSV Editor Preferences:

  • in header regex put a regex matching a part of all column headers you want to display as a table. For instance, the picture below uses the regex (customer|order_id).
  • in delimiter to use as value delimiter, put the delimiter separating each value in your cell.

List with multivalues

Code overview

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