MiniMagick integration for Jekyll
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Jekyll MiniMagick new

MiniMagick integration for Jekyll

This is an updated and working version of zroger's Ruby Gem, integrating new features and bugfixes from pull requests and the issue queue which haven't yet made their way back into the code.

Put the file in your _plugins folder and add the jekyll-minimagick dependency to your config. You'll also need ImageMagick itself.

Presets are defined in _config.yml like so:

    thumbnail: # Preset name
        source: images/originals # source directory - change this to whatever you want
        destination: images/thumbnail # generated destination directory
        resize: "100x70^" # standard imagemagick options - you can chain multiple commands
        gravity: "center"
        extent: "100x70"

This will scale and crop all images in images/originals to 100x70 pixels and save them into _site/images/thumbnail on build.

See here for full instructions