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Envisalink 2DS/3 Alarm Server for Honeywell or Ademco Vista Security Systems
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This project uses the Ademco TPI provided by Eyez-On. It processes events and passes commands to the Envisalink server and provides an easy to use HTTP interface for clients.

This project was originally a fork of the AlarmServer project for DSC panels - credit to them for the base code. However, the API's between DSC and Honeywell are so different that it didn't make sense to try to maintain a single codebase.

This is still beta software. So far it has only been tested with an Envisalink 3 and Honeywell Vista 15p panel.

What Works

  • keypad update and partition state updates sent by the Envisalink as documented in the TPI are tracked by the Alarm Server and can be retrieved via the Web API.
  • Events for alarm system arm/disarm and alarm condition trigger/clear are processed and trigger plugin events.
  • HTTP calls to get current AlarmState, change Partition, and to arm, disarm and armstay the alarm system are working. Note that these calls are currently async, the response only acknowledges that the command was sent to Envisalink, not that it was sucessfully executed.
  • Events are triggered for most alarm arming and disarming conditions
  • The Mac Launcher app originally writted for the DSC version of the server works with this app.
  • "Dump Zone Timers" command is implemented but only prints debug statements for now, not added to AlarmState HTTP call yet.
  • "Zone State Change" update sent by Envisalink is implemented but only prints debug statements for now, not added to AlarmState HTTP call yet.

What Doesn't Work

  • The Web UI is not yet fully working.
  • Zone state change messages from the TPI seem to be buggy and work sporadically, if you aren't seeing them when you should try rebooting your envisalink
  • The Alarm state returned by the HTTP api call only returns partition state information so far (it does not return all the state expected by the Web UI)
  • Make HTTP API commands synchronous so they can return success/failure or results instead of just acknowledging the command

Plugin System

A basic plugin system is available. The plugins directory is searched for any python files containing classes that inherit from BasePlugin.

These classes override whatever events they are interested in responding to. A cfg file of the format ClassName.cfg is automatically loaded if present.

See the plugin-examples directory for a few samples:

indigoPlugin - Communicates status with Indigo home automation servers

pushoverPlugin - Sends notifications via the Pushover API to iOS/Android/Desktops

sssPlugin - Communicates with Synology Survelliance Station

pushbullet - Sends notifications to the PushBullet API (see dependancies)


Please see the alarmserver-example.cfg and rename to alarmserver.cfg and customize to requirements.

The config requirements for pushbullet are located inside the python script itself (plugin-examples\

There are example plugins in the plugin-examples directory. Copy/modify and place them in the plugins directory along with a valid cfg file to use them

OpenSSL Certificate Howto

The ssl certificates that are provided are intended for demo purposes only.
Please use openssl to generate your own. A quick HOWTO is below.

To generate a self signed cert issue the following in a command prompt: openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 3650 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout server.key -out server.crt

Openssl will ask you some questions. The only semi-important one is the 'common name' field. You want this set to your servers fqdn. IE

If you have a real ssl cert from a certificate authority and it has intermediate certs then you'll need to bundle them all up or the webbrowser will complain about it not being a valid cert. To bundle the certs use cat to include your cert, then the intermediates (ie cat mycert.crt > combined.crt; cat intermediates.crt >> combined.crt)


On windows, pyOpenSSL is required.

To use the pushbullet Plugin you need to install the Pushbullet library Use the easy install (pip install




  • Returns a JSON dump of all currently known states


  • change to the given partition. Envisalink remembers this as the partition for future commands
    • Required param = changeTo - a partition number between 1 and 8


  • arm the security system


  • Stay arm (a.k.a. Arm Home)


  • Disarm system

arm,stayarm,disarm can all take optional param alarmcode. If alarmcode param is missing the config file value is used instead

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