Andreas Schildbach's Bitcoin wallet, made for Peercoin.
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Welcome to Peercoin Wallet

What is Peercoin Wallet?

It is a standalone Peercoin payment app for your Android device!

This project contains several sub-projects:

  • wallet: The Android app itself. This is probably what you're searching for.
  • market: App description and promo material for the Google Play app store.
  • integration-android: A tiny library for integrating Peercoin payments into your own Android app (e.g. donations, in-app purchases).
  • sample-integration-android: A minimal example app to demonstrate integration of Peercoin payments into your Android app.

You can build all sub-projects at once using Maven:

mvn clean install

Donate to support further development:

You can donate peercoins to support further development of Peercoin Wallet at Peer4commit will distribute rewards to people that get pull requests merged into the source code. tip for next commit