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Content Warnings Extension For BoltCMS

This is a simple extension which adds customisable warnings to the listing page of the admin area and the dashboard.

The extension will check if a flagged contenttype contains any content and will trigger a warning if not.

To use this extension, you will need to add the following entries to your contenttypes.yml:

warning: true

warningtext: # Title is empty

Optionally, you may further check whether a field should be flagged. Using:

warningoperator: # "<" (quotes are required)

warningcondition: # 99

you may select an operator and a condition. The available operators are:

"empty" # default

This extension does not differentiate between strings and integers so please note that using "<" on a field that contains a string will always trigger a warning.

The last two operators compare the length of the field, useful for text based content.