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						The fluffy programming language

1. Introduction

fluffy is an experimental language designed around the following features:
	- support the low-level constructs and performance needed for system
	  programming and speed critical algorithms
	- generic programming with parametric polymorphy and typeclasses
	- extensible through plugins
	- consistent syntax

The implementation utilizes the libfirm backend for producing highly optimized
machine assembly.


2. Building and Installation

2.1 Prerequisites

* Any ANSI C99 compiler (the makefiles are configure for gcc)

* libfirm 1.9.0 or later
* libcore 0.9.0 or later (needed for libfirm)
* gcc is needed if you want to assemble and link programs produces by the
  fluffy compiler

2.2 Building

Open the Makefile and change the variables if needed (on linux systems it
should work out of the box). Then type



3. Language

There's no detailed language description yet as the language is still evolving.
However you could look at the code here:

	test/typeclass2.fluffy	- generic sorting algorithm implemented with
	test/sdl                - simple image viewer utlitzing the libSDL library
	                          (you currently have to manually link the assembly
							   against libsdl)
	stdlib/*                - declarations for large parts of the C standard
	                          library. Also including some helper coder for
							  variable sized array.
	plugins/*               - Language extensions plugins (for and while loops)
	                          developed in the language itself
	benchmarks/*            - several smaller benchmark programs


4. Contact

Matthias Braun <>


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