Logo Glowego is an LED strip sculpture with 7 arduinos and 5 strips of RGB LED tape
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README for Logo-Glowego Git

Logo Glowego is an LED Sculpture developed for Source 2012.
The home for the project is in the Maui Makers Wiki

The base sculpture is an iron re-bar teardrop shape (Source logo), created for the first event in 2008 and used as a burning edifice at Source. It was decided they would no longer burn it and asked for ideas for reuse. I offered to deck it out in LED tape and interactive. The resulting project utilized 7 arduinos, 12 meters of tape, TFT Display, weather sensors, IR sensors, etc. (see LogoGlowego Parts List for complete list, including software and tools).

This Git will contain all the arduino code (except libraries and IDE from other sources) needed to rebuild the applications.

There were four main applications used:
* GlowegoControlApp - arduino with all the sensors attached, communicates over serial link to others using EasyTransfer
* TFTDisplay - teensy 2.0 duino with AdaFruit TFT Display showing sensor packet
* LED_Controller4 - arduino sketch for the four LPD8806 base RGB LED Strips
* HL1606_LED_Controller - arduino sketch for the one HL1606 based RGB LED Strip

The libraries folder contains:
* ButtonWithLED - a button that has an associated LED to indicate state
* GlowegoContorl - EasyTransfer comma structure. Used a library to insure it is in-sync across all apps
* MakerMath - couple math functions used with sensors, derived from other sources
* SharpIRSensor - support for the Sharp IR Distance Sensors (two types)
* WatherMeter - support for the wind vane and anemometer in the Sparkfun weather sensor product (rain gauge not implemented for Logo-Glowego 2012)