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This is the AdMob module for Godot Engine (

  • Android only
  • Banner only (hasn't Interstitial)

How to use

Drop the "admob" directory inside the "modules" directory on the Godot source.

Move file from "admob/android/" to "platform/android/java/src/org/godotengine/godot/".


In Example project goto Export->Target->Android:

	Custom Package:
		- place your apk from build
	Permissions on:
		- Access Network State
		- Internet

Configuring your game

To enable the module on Android, add the path to the module to the "modules" property on the [android] section of your engine.cfg file. It should look like this:


API Reference

The following methods are available:

void init(boolean isReal, boolean isTop, String id)
	isReal: show real ad or test ad
	isTop: banner is top of screen or buttom
	id: banner unit id

void showBanner(boolean isShow)
	isShow: show or hide banner

int getAdWidth()
int getAdHeight()

void resize(boolean isTop)
	isTop: banner is top of screen or buttom


MIT license