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Paper Wallet Generator

A paper wallet is a method of keeping a private key safe, allowing you to store your MaxCoin offline. This method is known as "cold storage", and is the safest way to store cryptocurrency long-term.

To put your coins into cold storage, first generate a MaxCoin address using this generator, then send your coins to this address. You will be given the corresponding private key to the MaxCoin address and, when you want to access your coins, you can then import this private key to the desktop wallet, using the "importprivkey" function in the console area within the wallet.

This generator is written in pure JavaScript so you can run it from your browser. At no time does the website operator or anyone else see your private key.

Using the Paper Wallet

Step 1: Download the wallet, simple click the 'clone or download' button and download the zip.

Step 2: Unzip the wallet, and select/double click the index.html file.

Step 3: index.html will then open in your default browser.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on screen to use the paper wallet.