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ionic-mobile-maxcdn - Mobile monitoring app

This mobile application provides a demonstration of how to use the MaxCDN API to implement a little monitoring application. Technically it is built upon PhoneGap (Ionic, Angular) and Node.js (Express). It uses 3-legged OAuth (1.0a) for authentication and then fetches various statistics based on that information.


You should set up Android, iOS, WP if you want to develop on one of those platforms. After that the workflow looks something like this:

  1. cordova platform add android. You have to do this only once.
  2. cordova build android
  3. Plug in Android device through USB (remember to enable USB debugging via System settings -> Developer Options Debugging -> USB debugging)
  4. cordova run android

If you just want to test it out locally in a web browser, serve www/ through a static server. You can use serve module for this purpose or just serve it through Python (python -m SimpleHTTPServer).

IMPORTANT! In order to avoid possible glitches, install InAppBrowser plugin: cordova plugin add org.apache.cordova.inappbrowser before building.


  • Login based on @wookiehangover's phonegap-auth-example - It comes with the same caveats! You should be using https in production. In addition you might want to harden the implementation as discussed in that example.
  • ionic-angular-seed