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This paper will analyze the origins and value of money on the free market and how and why any form of intervention hurts the economy. It will argue for a voluntary market without regulation in Cryptocurrencies, and as an example analyze the history, economics and philosophy of Bitcoin. Using praxeological analysis from the Austrian School of Eco…
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Anarchy in Money

This paper will analyze the emergence of a money on the free market and apply praxeological theory to the economics of Bitcoin. Explaining the monetary foundations of Bitcoin as a sound money considering the ethical approach to money production. Elaborating on the control structure of Bitcoin and the organisation of the network of self soverign nodes during changes to the consens algorithm. Further, the differenciation of layers and reserves in money, displayed by technologies like the lightning network and sidechains.

There is no such thing as Intellectual Property, ideas are non-scarce goods, thus they can be shared freely and open without any cost of the “original” thinker. This paper is written under the Creative Commons License in an Open Source contribution process. If you are interested in contributing, please submitt a pull request, no permission needed!

There are also several videos and interviews with lots of information that is implemented in the research process of this paper. on the show Read Rothbard ~ Use Bitcoin, Open Source Everything, Bitcoin to the Max, overage of the Mises University 2018, the Hayek Summer Workshop 2018, the Baltic Honey Badger Conference 2018, the Hackers Congress Parallelni Polis 2018. If you have any questions or want to discuss this topic directly, please reach out and we can schedule time for a call!

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