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Arduino core for Maxim's MAX326xx series boards
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Arduino Core for Maxim's MAX326xx series based Boards

Arduino support package to program Maxim boards.

See the wiki page for additional details about the specific boards and some minor differences in the implementation of the Arduino APIs.

Supported Boards

Setup Maxim board support in the Arduino Environment

NOTE: If you already have latest version of Arduino installed on your computer, skip step 1 and 2.
  1. Download latest version and install the Arduino IDE for Windows, Linux or Mac OS.
  2. Open the Arduino IDE.
  3. For Windows, and Linux, go to File->Preferences. For Mac OS, go to Arduino->Preferences.
  4. In the Dialog box, locate Additional Boards Manager URLs field, paste the following URL and click OK.
  5. Go to Tools->Board->Boards Manager...
  6. In the search field, type "maxim".
  7. Select Maxim's 32-bit Microcontroller and click Install.
  8. Once the installation is completed, close the Boards Manager.
  9. Go to Tools->Board. In the section Maxim ARM (32-bit) Boards, select your board from list of Supported Boards.
  10. Plug in your board and under Tools->Port select the appropriate serial port for your board.
  11. Go to Tools->Programmer and select DAPLink.

Verify the setup

  1. In the Arduino IDE, go to File->Examples->01.Basics->Blink.
  2. Click the Verify button or go to Sketch->Verify/Compile.
  3. Prepare board for programming:
    • using USB bootloader: Connect the target to host with micro USB cable. Press and hold the Boot button (alternately know as GPIO button), then press and release the Reset button. Once the LED turns on, release the Boot button.
    • using MAXDAP adapter: Connect MAXDAP adapter to target board with ribbon cable and then connect micro USB cables to both the boards.
  4. Click the Upload button or go to Sketch->Upload.(Requires USB Write access; For details read MAXDAP.)
  5. If you are using the USB bootloader, the target will reset itself and start running the application code. If you are using a MAXDAP adapter, you must press the Reset button to run.


  • MAXDAP is backward compatible, customized extension of the DAPLink open-source project created by ARM. It provides the standard CMSIS-DAP debugging interface along with a USB CDC UART and USB MSC drag-n-drop programming.
  • The drag-n-drop programming interface looks like a USB drive so that no drivers or software are required. You need to have permission to write to a USB storage device in order to use the drag-n-drop programming function.
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